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 Conservation Areas.

Bream Head conservation Area

The hills in this picture are the Bream Head Conservation Area.

We have two types of conservation areas in the Whangarei Heads Tourist district.

We have the Bream Head Conservation Trust, which consists of the area from Home Point to Ocean beach, and is managed by DOC. A predator fence is proposed for this area soon.


A lot of the bush in the Whangarei Heads is now a “Kiwi Zone” where Kiwi have been released and are encouraged with some restrictions on dogs. If you are lucky you might hear a kiwi call at night.

Marine reserves

One is part of New Zealand’s newest Marine reserve around an island off Reotahi (Passage Island or Motukaroro Island). It is an island which gets a lot of currents, which stimulate fish life, but that can make it difficult for snorkelers at certain tides. This Reserve was finally opened in October 2006.

See the two maps below and click here for the Marine Reserves story.

Map of Marine Reserve at Reotahi- Motukaroro

Map of Marine reserve further up the Whangarei Harbour, at Waikaraka.

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