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Map of Whangarei heads and Whangarei Harbour

Map of Whangarei Heads Area (below)

You approach Whangarei either by State Highway 1 to the west of the city or by air arriving at Whangarei Airport at Onerahi on the east side of the city.

The Whangarei Heads area is on the east side of Whangarei.

Take the road to Onerahi initially, then turn left to Whangarei Heads just after the Onerahi shops and supermarket, before the airport.

Whangarei Heads Road takes a major right hand turn past the Parua Bay school and shops, for Pataua continue straight ahead.

As you drive down Whangarei Heads Road, you pass through, in order, Tamaterau, Parua Bay, McLeod Bay, Taurikura, McKenzie Bay, Urquhart Bay and, at the end of the road on the east coast, Ocean Beach. (Some of those bays are not marked on the Map)

 Taurikura Studio Apartment is in Taurikura Bay, (2397 Whangarei Heads Road.)


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