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A  round trip - take the coastal drive down and the “high road” home.

You can drive down the harbourside Whangarei Heads Road enjoying all the little beaches and at the end you will find the big surf of Ocean Beach.

To make a round trip back, take the “high road”. Turn inland between the Parua Bay School and the Parua Bay Tavern into Owhiwa Road, which gives several excellent long range views of both the coast and the harbour. Owhiwa Road becomes Mt Tiger Road and twists and climbs even higher, with continuing spectacular views.

At the end of Mt Tiger Road, you either turn left to go back into Whangarei City or for a continuing tourist trip, turn right into Whareora Road towards Whareora on the map (a couple of kms) and then left into Harris Road. At the end of this road you turn right and you will be on the road to Kiripaka, Ngunguru and Tutukaka. Click Maps of Whangarei Heads.

This “high road” is a quiet road and most enjoyable for motorbike tourists and is tar sealed all the way.

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